Stereomicroscopic Dye Leakage Measurement of Six Different Root Canal Sealers


The present study was done for evaluating microleakage in different root canal sealers.


Sixty extracted human single rooted teeeth were used in this in-vitro study. Sealers tested for microleakage in this study were zinc oxide eugenol based sealer, Sealapex, AH Plus, MTA Plus, EndoRez, Endosequence BC. All the specimens were examined under stereomicroscope for microleakage and the obtained data were statistically analyzed using One-way ANOVA test and Tukey’s multiple comparison tests using the software GraphPad Prism 7.02.


The Endosequence BC group showed the least dye leakage and the highest leakage was seen in Zinc oxide Eugenol based sealer.


Bio ceramic sealers being hydrophilic show better sealing ability compared to resin based and eugenol based sealers.

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