Genotoxicity of three endodontic sealers by single cell gel-electrophoresis/comet assay

MTA Plus® has been tested for genotoxicity and was the best in this article, which can be downloaded for free.



The aim of this study was to compare the genotoxicity of two MTA-based sealers (MTA Fillapex and MTA Plus) and a RealSeal self etch (SE) sealer.


Twenty discs of each sealer were constructed, dissolved in cell culture media and sealer extracts were diluted into two different concentrations 100% and 50%. Thereafter Baby Hamster kidney fibroblast cell cultures were treated with each concentration of tested sealers for two exposure periods 24 h and 5 days. Comet assay was used to evaluate DNA damage by measuring tail length and intensity, and the results were statistically analyzed by Kruskal–Wallis and Mann–Whitney U tests (P ≤ 0.05).


After 24 h, 100% medium extracts of RealSeal SE showed significantly the highest DNA damage followed by MTA Fillapex. After 5 days, MTA plus induced the least DNA damage at both tested concentrations. The DNA damage of both RealSeal SE and MTA Fillapex was significantly dose and time dependent.


MTA Plus was the least genotoxic sealer in this study and its genotoxicity is not significantly affected by exposure time or its concentration. (Tanta Dental Journal 11 (2014) 85.)

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